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Welcome to Laroche Leathers!  This page will be a brief introduction to myself, my family and my background in leathersmithing and artwork.  My name is Joe Laroche and I am married to a terrific lady, Claudette.  Claudette is THE Manager, Public Relations, Advertising Team, Shipper, Receiver, Consultant, Sewer, Gluer, Dyer, Tea and Coffee Maker and just about anything else that needs to get done!  Claudette, loves the craft we do and you can be sure her two cents will be in there somewhere or everywhere!  Of course our family wouldn't be complete without introducing you to our four-legged children; Jack and Sam!
Hello, I am Jack!     And don't forget about me, I'm Sam!
At an early age I had the urge to design and create things from leather.  Being young, I realized that designing my first shoulder holster by stealing the elastic band from my father's underwear for building material was not the best idea at the time.  Dad forgave me, and I was onto a lifelong passion which led to my professional business as a custom Leathersmith and Artist.

My many years of experience peaked, and in 1979 I embarked on a career of professionally designing saddlery, harnesses and other leather products.  I am a firearms collector and shooter with a gunsmithing background, a knife and sword collector, an active motorcycle rider, guitarist and martial artist.  My interests in firearms led to my expanding our leather products into the law enforcement and security area.  I have been involved successfully in martial arts and through this process, expanded my knowledge of leather items to include pieces such as knife cases, sword cases and leather accoutrements associated with the martial arts.

My leather products are hand crafted and assembled.  Some goods are hand sewn, however, we use modern machinery in post production methods to speed up or to standardize certain models.  By combining old world methods with modern technology, our customers benefit from the best of both worlds.  I handcraft the highest quality products which give our customers years of high performance, comfort, beauty and durability.  Instructions for the care of your leather goods are always included with your order!  We are able to produce merchandise for the individual customer as well as large businesses or clubs.  Please be sure to drop by and see a few of our creations on our Artwork page and our Custom Shop to see some of our creations.

Both Claudette and myself have a strong aboriginal background, which I find gives us a unique and different outlook to my artwork.  We take pride in reproducing Native American garments and artwork and I believe our artwork reflects both a cultural and a ideological perspective that appeals to a wide audience of customers.
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